Wednesday, 30 March 2016

PlayStation VR - Expensive, Unwarranted, Gimmick?

£349 is a lot of money, especially when that doesn't give you everything you need to use PlayStation VR. Let's be generous and assume there will be a bundle including the camera and Move Controller and that it's £399. That means to use Sony’s new PS4 peripheral you need to fork out almost four hundred quid before you even get a game for it.

And let's look at those games, there are going to be about 50 that support VR by the end of the year but none of them look like a Killer App. Battlezone looks like it might be fun but doesn't look much more than an ok game. Until Dawn is a good idea but again nothing with too much wow factor. There are the Sony minigames for showing your friends your new headset and a version of Star Wars Battlefront. It needs a unique experience, with a vast world to explore and an insane level of immersion, it needs a game that takes advantage of what VR has to offer and it doesn't have one.

Still an expensive gimmick in my eyes. 
I like the idea of VR but if you’re going to charge almost £400 for me to have the experience then you need to sell the experience to me, which Sony have not done. I'll be too busy with No Man’s Sky and Horizon: Zero Dawn to spend £349 on a VR headset and God knows what on the camera, controller and games.

That said October is a long way off and Sony is the company that made Knack and Killzone look like system sellers so maybe they can convince me like they have so many others. Until then I'm steering well clear of the expensive VR bandwagon.

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